Leopard Rock Game Breeders are situated in the prime African bushveld in close proximity to the Kruger National Park with towering boulders and lush vegetation, Rock Fig trees anchored by tentacle like roots on top of huge Granite Rocks.

Approximately 700 hectares of the farm has been fenced off and divided into different camps for the breeding of scarce species.

We specialise in the following species: Saddledback Impala (Saalrug Rooibok, Swartrug Rooibok, Saddleback Impala, Saddled Impala), Sable Antelope, Black Impala, Cape Buffalo, Nyala, Kudu Golden Wildebeest, and Livingstone Eland.

The passion for game and wildlife has compelled us to specialise as breeders of top trophy animals. Our stud is professionally run and managed.

Due to our hands-on approach, invaluable experience and knowledge has been gained to improve the gene pool and bloodline of the various breeds.

Leopard Rock Game Breeders hosts a number of other plains game roaming free on the reserve. We are proud members of Benchmark Game Breeders.

For more information or an appointment, contact: Johan van der Merwe: johan@leopardrocknr.com or 082 554 2780

Leopard Rock Game Breeders